Pakistan’s most prominent water amusement park:

This Park includes Fun aquatic thrills, swings, water lakes, and a volcanic cascade constructed explicitly for a blue world city resident. 

Gated Neighborhood:

Blue World City Islamabad would be utterly safe from outsiders. Only people with specified identification will be permitted.

24/7 Protection:

The staff is capable of providing severe treatment to its inhabitants. They will offer protection 24 hours a day and equip CCTV cameras.

Mosques in Zone and Jamia:

A beautiful mosque will be built all over the area so that individuals can pray and fulfil their religious commitments.

Carpeted Roadways: 

These roadways will include concrete walkways and pavements for walkers and bicycles.

Public Transportation:

The public transportation system is being planned for both internal and external travel.

Power station:

The community is keen on its power plant to lessen the threat of load shedding and offer inhabitants affordable power.

Sports and Culture Center:

In Blue World City, numerous cultural facilities will be constructed to amuse and encourage the range of cultures and extracurriculars in society.

Sewage Disposal:

The society offers its residents a clean and environmentally friendly atmosphere, and sewage plants will be erected in the community.

Filtration facility:

Blue World City is a self-sufficient corporation that will build purifier plants to provide clean drinking water to its citizens.


It is regarded as a significant source of pleasure. Blue World City will provide 3D Imax theatres to provide residents with the most cutting-edge innovation and leisure.

Expedition club:

The group will form adventure clubs to bring people together through horseback skydiving, rappelling, climbing, and other activities.

Zoo Safari:

An additional element of the community is creating a free-moving wildlife park with a diverse range of animals that will grab attention from all over the globe.

Spas and Swimming Reservoirs:

Another feature the community wishes to provide its residents is the establishment of water activities in which they can receive services. 

Blue World City’s Newest Significant Progression:

The work on the scheme has yet to begin. Therefore, the current societal major artery has been constructed. Saad Nazeer, the CEO of Blue World City, recently met with Mr Chang, an essential Chinese multi-floor apartment building creator, to examine the building of housing towers in this residential complex.

BWC Pak-China Friendly City:

The scheme’s administration has inked an MOU with a Chinese building and design firm that will assist in developing the Pakistan-China enterprise. 

Chinese and Pakistani innovation:

The community will be built with Chinese new tech and Pakistani experts. In addition, it will offer all international amenities to its residents, business and investment areas, residential areas, training, wellbeing centers, and amusement organizations, establishing the residential society as “A Pak-China Friendly Community.”

Nearby CPEC Route:

The scheme’s location is close to the CPEC venture, which is a huge benefit. 

Chinese Building and Innovation: 

As a result, it has become a wonder of China-Pakistan relations.

Why to Invest Heavily in Blue World City?

Society is regarded as a reasonably priced residential complex. Therefore, a minimal expense, as well as a plethora of amenities, can be beneficial.

Most Economical & Suitable:

The pricing provided seems the most reasonable and accessible compared to residential schemes. But, conversely, a scheme’s flexible payment plan allows those with limited incomes to offer luxurious housing for their households. Conversely, a scheme’s flexible payment plan allows those with limited incomes to provide luxury housing for their families.

Simple Payment schedule:

It gives stakeholders a simple three- and four-year payment plan that is straightforward to administer.

Modern Amenities: 

The community will provide all types of energy, gas, and utility services. There are also entertainment venues such as movies and nightclubs.

Calm Atmosphere:

The housing unit will allow you to live a comfortable life connected to nature. Also, the scheme is surrounded by lush greenery and a peaceful setting away from the busy metropolis. Moreover, it will offer a pollution-free, eco-friendly atmosphere for its residents. 

Economic Prospects:

Industrial options, such as business avenues, elevated shopping centers, and amusement facilities, are particularly significant to architects since they will maintain adequate employment and prosperity in the community.

Highest Investment Return:

Capital inflows have been low from the beginning of society. Shareholders, on the other hand, will earn handsomely from its growth.

Documentation Prerequisite for A Reservation:

The criteria for booking are simple. Below are mentioned documents that are needed.